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Well, now we have a whole new field.  A brief personality description of your new drag persona.

I always seem to get an apt result first time?

Generate a Drag Name & Act by Galinda_Verdi
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Your Drag First NameGalinda
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[User Picture]From: clashcityrock
2004-04-24 10:02 pm (UTC)
we called a k-mart in Australia. Woy Woy, i think it was...braden told them that he was a "real big k-mart fan." we also called some place that sold drag queen clothing and a place that offered "sexual services." my lord i can't believe that's legal.
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[User Picture]From: mrs_izzard
2004-04-24 11:10 pm (UTC)
oh golly these were crazy phone calls. and rob, if you should ever go to the kmart in woy woy, be sure to ask for jade. she seemed oh so very nice!
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[User Picture]From: galinda_verdi
2004-04-25 02:14 am (UTC)
You guys are such freaks! If only you knew Woy Woy- I saw and then met the Monkees in Woy Woy. Just to the north you'll find the equally stunning Budgie Woy where the pace of living is altogether less frenetic, the atmosphere not nearly so metropolitan.

I can't believe you called KMart Woy Woy you mad fuckers!

Do you know which drag-shop you called. There's a new one has a perfect reproduction of Dorothy's Wizard of Oz dress in the window except it's hooped at the bottom. I haven't looked in there yet because everything will be 500% what it costs in New York. I wish I'd bought more of the MatesseNYC pigments.

Sexual Services... we tend to be more liberal than America on what you can do-- just not what one can watch/read/hear etc. [No constitutional Freedom of Speech] A very pragmatic approach to the sex industry dominates all states now. It's partially an outcome of a sane & rapid response to HIV. The other big factor is that if it's legal the police can't take a cut. Legalised prostitution is considered the best way to achieve maximum well-being for all involed. Conservatives hate it of course and different states have weird laws but it's largely good.

Stuff like SOPS [sex on premises venues] are taken for granted in Sydney-
I was surprised at how secretive it all is in New York. I found a very interesting basement but it was purely by chance, albeit chance propelled by a curiosity about why all these hot men were going into a tiny bookshop and not coming out again.


Anyway- damn poor luck to miss you all. I went out for a skate under sufferance because I knew I was sitting around being depressed and inactive... If my understanding of the new time difference [NY summertime is on but our is off!] is good I missed you by 30-45mins at most.

I *think* the time difference means I'll be home to try getting a feed on Braden's 'radio' show. If I'm right I have time before I leave for my regular Monday morning Doctorfication.
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[User Picture]From: clashcityrock
2004-04-25 05:49 am (UTC)
The store actually mostly sold lingerie for women, i think that's what the woman said...but they do sell some drag queen clothing...they also spoke of the Gay Mardi Gras? and Carlotta. Braden asked the girl working there if she knew any gay people and she said yes, because she used to be on a girls softball team...
she really said that.

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[User Picture]From: galinda_verdi
2004-04-25 02:16 am (UTC)
in fact the URL should be


sorry about that- it's not a sit I visit often!
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